Load less, Shoot more!

Introducing the Degrof Speed Loader for .22 LR.

See it in Action

Load up to 5 magazines in seconds

The Degrof Speed Loader is the most convenient and safe way to load .22 Long Rifle rounds.

Where to Buy

It has been stony path, but we are nearly there. Currently we are putting the final touches on the production process. We are also actively looking for distributers worldwide.

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Design testing iteration
Final prototype
US Patent
EU Patent
late 2023
First trial production
early 2024
Team up with distributors
mid 2024
Shipment of first batch
late 2024
Compatibility for more weapons

Contact us

If you are interested in distributing the Degrof Speed Loader or would like to help us getting the word out.
Please reach out to us.